How to leverage the power of Property Wrappers to save and retrieve App Settings with a unique Default Value

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With the release of property wrappers together with Swift 5 and Xcode 11, many patterns can now be reimplemented in an easier, cleaner and faster approach. For instance, we use them at WELT to add an extra layer of logic to some UIColor instances, so the appropriate color value is…

Or how we started using SwiftUI in Production Code without (major) Headaches

With the Product Owner’s green light for dropping the support of iOS 12 downwards, a new world of juicy possibilities emerged in our development horizon. Together with iOS 13 two major new Apple frameworks were released: Combine and SwiftUI, the new framework to design and develop user interfaces declaratively and…

Get notified reactively when the user changes the face expression with

In my previous stories and I talked about how we can easily detect the user face features and render our desired overlay on top of them thanks to , a library of my own. For that I used the Apple Framework, that among other things supports…

César Vargas Casaseca

Senior iOS Developer at WELT. Allegedly a clean pragmatic one. Yes, sometimes I do backend. Yes, in Kotlin, Javascript or even Swift.

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