How to leverage the power of Property Wrappers to save and retrieve App Settings with a unique Default Value

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Or how we started using SwiftUI in Production Code without (major) Headaches

Revive an outdated Package with a new and fresh Look

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Get notified reactively when the user changes the face expression with Wink

Hide your Implementation Details to make your Code cleaner and safer

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Create your own website without taking a sweat

Bear this in mind before creating or adding a 3rd Party Library to your project

So many things we do not need!

Or how to avoid Merging Nightmares and Long Compilation Times

Add your Filter Overlay without having to deal with coordinates in Warhol

A journey from Slash Commands to Fastlane

César Vargas Casaseca Senior iOS Developer at WELT. Allegedly a clean pragmatic one. Yes, sometimes I do backend. Yes, in Kotlin, Javascript or even Swift.

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